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Brainobrain Breaks New World Record!

Brainobrain Kids Academy has created a new Guinness World Record on ‘Mental Arithmetic Session with the Largest Number of Participants’. 

The event was held on 14th October 2018, where as many as 3189 Brainobrain students from various parts of India participated in a 40-minute session, followed by a 5-minute test, thus swiftly creating this remarkable achievement. This has broken the previous record of 1073 participants, set by China.

Starting from single digits to triple digit numbers ranging from 5 rows to 20 rows of addition and subtraction along with multiplication were performed by children with great speed and accuracy. The 5-minute test at the end of the session proved the students super-fast learning and computing abilities, outdoing the calculators.

“Our academy, staff and children are excited over this accomplishment. Our children are experts in cognitive skills and mental aptitude. They have proved it again and did our academy proud,” said Anand Subramaniam, Managing Director, Brainobrain Kids Academy.

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