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2nd Guinness World Record @ Dubai

2nd Guinness World Record @ Dubai

November 2018

UAE witnessed a mega attempt which crowned Brainobrain International as the Double-Guinness Record Holder.

873 children of Brainobrain International from 12 different countries were trained in Abacus at a time in an attempt to break the previous Guinness record of 441 participants set by Canada. The event took place on 24th November 2018 at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, Dubai.

Children between 7 to 14 years from Brainobrain centres worldwide underwent a 40-minute Largest-ever Abacus Lesson that exposed them to swift computing abilities in Addition and Subtraction. Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication of sums of single digits, double digits and triple digits were performed by children with great speed and accuracy. The session conducted by Mr. Arul Subramaniam, Director, Brainobrain International, ended with a 5 minutes test that proved the students’ super fast computing abilities outdoing the calculators.      

“This is an attempt to show that our kids are experts in cognitive skills and creative calculation that trains their mind. Exposures like Guinness will improve their confidence not just in learning but in life as well. Brainobrain sharpens their concentration, listening skills, creativity, memory power & imagination. This will help not only in their academics but will be a strong foundation for their future career too” said Mr. Anand Subramaniam, MD, Brainobrain International.

This makes Brainobrain International, a proud holder of Double-Guinness-World-Records!