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I scored 99% in my 10th Standard Board Examinations

Dear Brainobrain,


I scored 99% in my 10th Standard Board Examinations (SSLC) for the academic year (2021-2022). I am among the top 10 rank holders for the state having secured centum in Science, Sanskrit and Kannada.


I can happily mention that the math, problem solving techniques and NLP activities I learnt at Brainobrain, have helped me to achieve this high score and to enhance my personality. I was able to gather immense exposure at such a young age by taking part in numerous competitions throughout my journey of completing my 10 levels of Brainobrain abacus classes. I also have had the greatest opportunity of being a part of the Guinness World Record and Asian Book of Records event under guidance and encouragement of Brainobrain Faculty.

I aspire to be a Chartered Accountant and the above learnings have provided me with a strong foundation from which I can launch my career going forward. They are an asset to me and have equipped me to face any challenges along my chosen path. 

All of this has been possible because of your wonderful mentorship and support. I consider myself lucky to be a Brainobrain student and to be a part of The Brainobrain Family. Let me take this opportunity to whole-heartedly thank you.


Vaishnavi Yogesh
Brainobrain Graduate