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Skill Development Programme
4-14 yr Kids

      >> LITTLE BOBS a novel program for our Kindergarten children - 4 to 6 yrs !

Thankyou Brainobrain!

We are delighted to share our joy of winning the coveted Sharjah Award for Educational Excellence, and we are proud to say that BRAINOBRAIN has contributed a lot to our achievement. 

We spent almost 3 years with BRAINOBRAIN and successfully completed all the 10 levels. It had been an incredible journey with BRAINOBRAIN. The faculties were very supportive, always willing to assist us in meeting our needs. 

At BRAINOBRAIN, each student is treated in a unique way and are guided appropriately to achieve our full potential. We were given plenty of opportunities to compete with our peers both nationally and internationally, as well as to perform live demonstration on stage which helped us to improve our confidence level. The NLP sessions were indeed amazing. 

We would like to express our appreciation and sincere gratitude to all our BRAINOBRAIN teachers for their unparalleled support and guidance!

Vyshnav and Vyshvik
Brainobrain Graduates & Winners of Sharjah Award for Educational Excellence