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Skill Development Programme
4-14 yr Kids

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Thankyou Brainobrain!

My daughter Angela joined Brainobrain when she was in 1st standard. In her school classes, she used to be very silent and was hesitant to communicate in English. After joining Brainobrain classes, we could see a huge improvement in her attention span, interactions with teachers, mathematical abilities, etc. At Brainobrain, all the children get individual attention. The abacus concepts help to enhance their mathematical skills and numeracy. Her Brainobrain teacher explains the concepts in a simple way and also makes sure that all the students get the concepts well. Apart from the curriculum contents, she takes care of the overall development of the child through activities like speaking on a topic, memory flash cards, general knowledge topics, Speed Tests, Crafts, Stories, etc.

By 2nd standard, Angela has become the favorite of her class teachers. Now she interacts well with the teachers and grasps quickly. She was able to attend the online classes all by herself without any supervision. Special thanks to Brainobrain team for grooming my daughter to this level and I would really recommend Brainobrain Course for all the kids.

Asha Maria George
Parent of Angela

(Brainobrain Student)