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Skill Development Programme
4-14 yr Kids

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REWARDING Brainobrain Experience

If I must use only one word to describe my experience as a Brainobrain Partner, the most suitable word would be REWARDING. And mind you, by “rewarding” word, I do not mean only the monetary rewards. Although it is money that makes the world go around and it is an important component of modern day life, the Brainobrain journey has been rewarding in several other tangible and intangible facets.

The transformation from a simple housewife to a respected teacher has, perhaps, been the most rewarding aspect of the Brainobrain journey. Brainobrain has been instrumental in helping me achieve my dream of being a teacher and helping kids hone their skills and improve their brain power. Students who have undergone this course have overcome their inhibitions and fears. A child stopped stammering when he reached the fifth level of this course. Another’s hands stopped trembling while writing.

Brainobrain Graduates improve amazingly in personality and studies. The gratitude and respect which these students display towards me, is the most satisfying aspect of teaching in Brainobrain. Even their parents echo the same level of respect.

I must say here that merely the course will not get us rewards. We have to be sincere and hard-working. We must treat the students as our own children and their parents as our own family. This attitude puts us on a higher pedestal than a teacher. We become their mentor, their friend, philosopher and guide. As a Brainobrain teacher, I have gone beyond the borders of teaching and that is why, the students and their families seek my advice in other education and family matters. The trust and faith reposed in me by the students and their parents, is another most rewarding feature of this fruitful journey. 



Sangeeta Chandgothia,

Franchisee & Faculty,

Brainobrain Uttar Pradesh