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Skill Development Programme
4-14 yr Kids

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Brainobrain UAE Graduation Day 2019


Globally, education scenario is on a forward boom and is literally bringing out the hidden gems in each of our children. It has now reached a platform which gives the right set of exposure to our future-leaders, maximizing their cognitive levels. It is essential to address and boost Emotional Intelligence and Life Skills of every child, enamoring them rightly to face the world with all its monsoons and sunshines. Brainobrain Skill Development Programme is thus a game-changer in every child’s life, who wishes to bring out the best in them.


When a child enrolls to Brainobrain Programme, they are stepping into a world of self-exploration and transformations. The 10-level journey with Brainobrain has its own tasks and milestones to ascertain the definite improvements taking place in every student. Tackling each of these tasks is a cake-walk when mixed with balanced portions of hardwork, dedication and motivation.


It is a pride moment for every child to graduate from Brainobrain; for they represent a better self, personified with life skills, brain skills and communication skills. They stand tall with confidence to face the real world like a breeze.


300 students of Brainobrain UAE graduated in an event held at Dubai on 15th June 2019 – a crowning moment of their well-deserved journey through the 10-levels! They embellish grace to Brainobrain’s feathers! Congratulations to each one of them, to their parents who stood like a rock with them and to their teachers who brought out the magic in them!