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4-14 yr Kids

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Happy Teachers’ Day

There is a quote which says –

“Children are like wet cement and anything that falls on them will make an impression”.


There are many glowing examples right in front of our eyes – Vivekanandar who gave meaningful insights to the whole world in the prime of his youth; Sachin Tendulkar who played his maiden match at the age of 16; Leander Paes who started his career as a Tennis Player at the age of 17… the list is endless. Yes, if we can breathe in the right energy and confidence to the young minds, it creates a magic! When we established Brainobrain in 2003, we dreamed to re-create this magic by grooming a generation that is focused, responsible, clear headed and endearing. It is indeed our privilege to say that the Brainobrain Centres round the globe just gave life to this dream, with all their hearts. They took the seeds of our idea, nurtured it, gave wings to it and made it the most appealing. They dared to dream big and that accounts to their success. They developed themselves gradually, like how a flower slowly blooms. Brainobrain has become a one-stop centre to develop a child’s skills and to give wings to his/her dreams. Definitely not an easy task. It requires tremendous selflessness and benevolence to tap the right skills of kids and to channelize them into the right trail. Kudos to our teachers who sacrifice their weekend holidays to do this noble job. On behalf of the whole Brainobrain family, we remember and recognize the altruistic and gallant service of all Brainobrain Faculty and express our whole-hearted appreciation to each one of them on this Teachers’ Day. Kudos to each one of you! May you be the sun behind every star that takes birth on Brainobrain! Thank you!




Anand Subramaniam

Managing Director

Brainobrain International